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Economic census exam Module 2- Enumeration Process/ गणना प्रक्रिया

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Question 1. What is enumeration?./गणना क्या है?

Options:  A. The process of interviewing people and recording or listing the information on survey forms is enumeration.
B. Enumeration is a complete, ordered listing of all the items in a collection.
Correct answer:- (C) Both A and B

Question 2. What is an enumeration survey?/Q2। एक गणना सर्वेक्षण क्या है?

Correct answer: (A) Survey aimed at providing a population count of households/ household size/average income of the family.

Question 3. What is Post Enumeration Survey?/पोस्ट एनुमरेशन सर्वे क्या है?

Correct Answer: (A) A survey run in the month after each census

Question 4. What is an Enumeration Block?./एन्यूमरेशन ब्लॉक क्या है?

Correct answer:- (B) The region ie; the cities or towns which are to be covered in the survey are divided into small areas.

Question 5. What is a Census?/ जनगणना क्या है ?

Correct answer:- (D) A study of every unit, everyone or everything, in a population.

Question 6. What is a Sample?/ एक नमूना क्या है ?

Correct Answer:- (C) A subset of units in a population, selected to represent all units in a population of interest.

Question 7. Enum is a _________./Enum एक _________ है

Correct answer:- (A) symbolic name for a set of values.

Question 8. The different communication skills are ./विभिन्न संचार कौशल हैं

Correct answer:- (C) A and B [ A. Reading and Writing, B. Speaking and Listening]

Question 9. What is Social Perceptiveness./सामाजिक धारणा क्या है।

Correct Answer:- (B) Being aware of others’ reactions and understanding why they react as they do.

Question 10. What is Empathy?./सहानुभूति क्या है?

Correct answer:- (B) Ability to understand or share feelings or attitudes of others.

Question 11. The process of Interviewing People and recording or List the information on survey forms is enumeration.

Correct Answers (B) True

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Module 1 Introduction of Economic Census Q & A हिन्दी

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